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Pop songwriting power couple Goons is comprised of

Cole and Sydney Burris. Goons is a

nostalgia inducing indie alt pop band that draws from

all of your favorite 80s sounds while adding a modern

flare and originality. NPR writes, “Fellow Stranger Things

fans know the nostalgic value of '80s-inspired synth-pop...

One of the most creative productions I've seen this year.

No spoilers here. You'll have to see it to believe it. But I'll

just say this: Let the games begin.” 

      — Pilar Fitzgerald (NPR)


Producer Timothy Cole Burris grew up listening to bands like The Cars, ACDC, Journey, and Duran Duran, which has given him a unique, retro sounding production style. Linn Drums, screaming electric guitar solos, and hooky synth lines drive a lot of the Goons sound.

Sydney Burris grew up singing and acting in musical theatre and focuses heavily on lyrics and chord progressions when writing music. The pair of them together create a very unique, interesting, fun style of music that you really have to listen to yourself to be able to describe. 

Cole and Syd Top gun small.jpg
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