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A NEW goons album

We've been working hard on a new, cohesive piece of art for you guys. A NEW GOONS ALBUM! The release date is going to be September 3rd. There will be a release party/show, but we haven't confirmed the details on that just yet. A few days ago, we listened to what we have so far from start to finish. There will be 10 tracks on this album and seven of them are finished. Two are in progress, and one has not been recorded yet.

We spent the last few years trying to figure out what we were going to do next. Do we release an album? Do we just release singles? Do we get 'normal' jobs and give up? It has been a strange couple years for all of us, and I'm not going to lie, we came very close to quitting a few times. That being said, we decided to write and record an entirely new album.

I understand why the music industry has moved in the direction it has moved. I understand that people focus on getting playlisted and try to write singular songs that fit into certain categories or 'vibes', but that is not something I want to do. I want to make albums full of art that take you on a journey. Music that tells a story. I want to write music that stays with you. At least, I want to try to do that.

This new album is very different than our first, and when we listened to what we have done so far, I got very excited. I feel like this album makes a bold statement about who we are. It is fun, dance oriented, a bit kooky, cheesy, heartfelt, and as Sydney put it "Hopeful". In a time where I personally feel like hope is something that constantly alludes me, it is very encouraging to me that we were able to make art that is hopeful.

If nothing else, it is my sincere dream that this album reaches someone's ears who could use a little bit of hope right now. I know I'll take any I can get. We can't wait for September 3rd to come!

Until then, Stay Goony.

Much Love,


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