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Electron Multiplier

We broke out the lab equipment for a photoshoot last night to create the cover art for our new single 'Electron Multiplier' coming out July 3rd. We've had a hard time recently with news, social media, public division, and lots of other things that seems to be constantly bombarding us these days. Both Sydney and I have been exhausted recently. It seems like every conversation we have with anyone is a hard one. So, we decided to try to do something really childish and fun. We designed our own tiny science lab and put charcoal on our face to pretend like we have been working on explosive experiments. It was really a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes you've got to do something seemingly trivial to help you come to the surface for air.

We can't express how excited we are to release this song. It is FUNKY. It is SEXY. It is NERDY! Most of all, it is something that makes us smile, and hopefully will do the same for you. Stay tuned for more info on it, and most of all...

Stay Goony.

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