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'Not My fault' hit 3000 streams!

Our first few days of streaming on this song have been great!

Just wanted to update everyone on how our song is performing as of today. We've been getting great feedback. 'Not My Fault' has been playing on 'Amazing Radio' UK (we seem to get more widespread acceptance in the UK than we do in USA). People have been adding it to playlists and telling us that they love it! Nothing makes us happier than getting to share music with you guys. The best way to help us at this moment is to add the song to playlists on Spotify with music that you think fits alongside it. That helps Spotify's algorithms figure out how and when to suggest our music to people. The other thing you can do is talk to your friends about us! Say, "Hey have you heard that new Goons song?". Maybe send them a link.

This is just the beginning too! We have another song coming out July 3rd. As well as A TON of stuff planned for the near future. Thanks for all your support.

Much Love,


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