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What's Upcoming For Goons?

I just wanted to take a moment to write a little post about what is in the works for Goons. First of all, we have a new song coming out July 3rd, and it is an absolute hoot. We love it. It's funny, sexy, nerdy, groovy, and pretty awesome if you ask us. We've got some shows coming up as well. We're hoping to book more groupings of shows in multiple cities so that we can hit the road more often and be more effective in gaining new fans. So July is the first time we truly hit the road since before the pandemic. We will be playing In:

Houston, TX (Axelrad) - July 16th Dallas, TX (Free Play Arcade) - July 22nd Austin, TX (Swan Dive) - July 23rd Dallas, TX (Will Rogers) - July 25th We have been having a lot of conversations about Goons this year, and are in the final stages of finalizing our game plan for the future of Goons. It is most likely going to look like a lot more live shows in a lot more places. We will most likely stop focusing on Austin, and focus more on other cities, and things like house shows. Our goal is and always has been to do two things. Make a sustainable living playing music, and inspire others. We're getting to an age where we either need to move on from this goal, or start taking major steps towards seeing it come to fruition.

The last few years have been quite a learning experience for us, and we have gained enough knowledge to confidently take steps in a direction we feel is the right one.

So what can you expect from Goons?

We're not ready to make a full announcement yet, but, it's safe to say you can expect to see some very interesting, exciting things soon.

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